Friday, September 27, 2019

Unit 1 Seminar Case managemnet Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Unit 1 Seminar Case managemnet - Research Paper Example dividuals, actively manage any programs that ensure a successful service provision as well as making decisions that facilitate a smooth service provision (Metzger 30). Dual relationships mean relationships that crop up between a client and a worker in the course of their interaction. A dual relationship might occur consecutively or simultaneously during the interaction between the client and the service provider. There are various types of dual relationships. They include, social dual relationships whereby the client is also a friend, a professional dual relationship whereby the client and the service provider are professional acquaintances in other arenas and a communal dual relationship involves the client and worker living in the same area/community. Other dual relationships include sexual dual relationships whereby the two are involves in a sexual relationship and a business dual relationship whereby the client and worker are business partners as well. Client rights refer to the entitlement of a client to receive certain treatment or services. Some of clients’ rights include privacy and confidentiality, accurate and timely access to information, receipt of excellent services (Woodside, 271). Clients are also entitled to have the cultural needs respected as they get respect as well as dignity in service provision. For instance a client going to see a professional counselor over divorce or custody matters has the right to have information disclosed to the counselor private and confidentially no matter

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